Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ikyaudio in Deutschland

for you that can't read German here it is loosely translated:

The Hometrainer of Mr. Spock
That roars!
Who would have thought that: PVC, which delivers material, from which the pipes under our wash basins are, at the same time an excellent ochestra. Presupposed, one installs three inch a large loudspeaker to an end and the other one forms to a sturdy status foot. This Sea Cucumber Speaker baptized Stereo loudspeaker comes out. The name is English for sea-cucumber, and looks at themselves one the snow-white boxes once, can one it understands why the doers of ikyaudio this names selected. Since each of the pairs of loudspeakers becomes hand-made, the Sea Cucumber Speaker costs extravagante 155 euros.

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